This week’s mix comes from another Seattle talent - ZXC. A thoughtfully assembled collage of tastes, they’ve pulled from an assortment of their biggest influences - disco, electro, spacey grooves, and synth-heavy house belters. 

The mix is a mover, and while it’s hard to nail down just one narrative, it exudes real and powerful emotions from start to finish. The entire set is a well orchestrated blend of moods and sensations, and makes it effortless to close your eyes and be in a new surrounding that feels all too familiar and inviting. It’s a transformative experience, and we could not be more delighted to share it. 

Zac Croft, originally from the UK, has resided in the Northwest the past few years. Now a producer and DJ, they originally got their feet wet as a musician and bandleader in left-field rock and jazz before getting behind the decks and ultimately delving into the rabbit hole of composition and experimentation. Their most recent release can be snagged over on Jungle Gym Record’s Bandcamp page - an ambient collection of arrangements, set to a future utopia.

We hope you enjoy. 





"ZXC" - Jungle Gym Records