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Hitting the breaks hard with a drum machine whiz, a locally-renowned Aquarius, and electro royalty of Seattle, Xminus1. “Intended to capture the many feelings that accompany an all night party: from the anxious energy that exists in transit, to the raw emotions that are exposed after its end,” the DJ and producer chronicles the diverse story we have all encountered at the rave.   

Maintaining a congruous rhythmic basis through-out, the producer applies the larger brushstrokes to a realizable narrative. The synthesizers that deviate from vicious growls, to acidic wallops; phantom perforations, to cherubic and whimsical melodies - all help lend to the finer details of a larger, moving picture. The rapid snares and recurrent amen breaks keep the breakneck pace - like streetlights hurtling past you through the neon-soaked thoroughfares of Neo Tokyo. A tour de force, Xminus1 has constructed a heart-rendering account of an experience so many have shared. And like your favorite party, it’s over before you know it. 

For more, steer your attention to Dessert Alert, and Exchange Bias - two phenomenal projects the Aquarian has his hands in. This one’s very special - so take your time and enjoy.



Dessert Alert

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