Validation Dept.

Big number 70 for the series. The platinum mix. A noteworthy addition for many reasons - it sees the return of not one, but two previous contributors. The alumni, Alex Carrabba and Miata Man, make up the indomitable force here in Seattle known as Validation Dept.

Fashioned by a combination of dubby cruisers and housey cuts; featuring the perfect amount of soulful horn and woodwind solo’s; seasoned with a bit of disco and hip-hop - the duo have managed to capture both of their distinct styles and distill them into one unified feeling. Their synergy is one that takes years to cultivate.

Validation Dept. is the glue. They’re the reason we don our short sleeve button-ups. They’re the reason bars see an uptick in Aperol Spritz sales. They’re the real deal and we’re all too lucky to have them. Enjoy the ride.