LCM059 US41.png


This week in the series comes an inimitable set from a local big wheel - US41. At an event, you’ll likely find him near the back of the floor conservatively stepping - preserving his energy for the long haul. A nimble DJ and a dexterous producer, his creations are meticulous and consistently unique - with no exception to this mix. 

Akin to his tenets with dancing, US41’s selection of tracks is a diligent one - geared for drawing the experience out. Predominantly built off subtle and minute transitions, that make the unexpected entrances of gargantuan walking-bass lines even more rapturous. US41 is similar to a seasoned employee of a state dam, in the way he expertly controls a reservoir of left-field oddities - opening up the flood gates to produce an exceptional energy. 

Copies of his release for Jungle Gym Records, ‘Almost Live’, are available via the imprints Bandcamp page.