Toni Yotzi

We’re delighted to share the next installment in the mix series. A galvanizing set put together by the standout Melbourne talent, Toni Yotzi. Noted for her “off-the-beaten-path” selections, and an aptitude in joining unconventional tracks together - she has certainly fulfilled that reputation with this mix. Sped-up old soul to modern pop; bits of footwork to deep cuts sampling Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’. The whole thing’s a trip. 

We would be remiss to mention that the mix was originally recorded at the 2017 Hopkins Creek music festival. Taking place amongst a volcanic crater in Victoria’s western districts, they have just recently released their 2018 lineup - something we would encourage you to look into. 

On July 16th, catch her on Rinse FM alongside Laurel Halo, July 29th at ://about blank’s for Oscillate, plus a string of other dates through Europe for the summer. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


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2018 Hopkins Creek Lineup