Speed Boat

Unwind with Speed Boat this week, as he’s put together a sun-drenched, laid-back house set for the latest bit in the series. A welcoming and positive 48 minutes - we look forward to pairing this with a 75 degree day, and a G&T. 

Eden, stage name Speed Boat, also makes up 1/2 of Sandboards - a duo that made waves in 2016/2017 with their releases for Cold Tonic and Feel My Bicep. Originally hailing from New Zealand - Eden recently uprooted and moved his solo project to Melbourne (continuing the Australia tip we’re on). His most recent release, ‘A FWD Dive’, is a smooth, jovial four-pack of house tracks with an intuitive use of barks. 





'A FWD Dive' (The Nail Shop)