This weeks episode of the show is thanks to the talented Seattle local - Simone. It’s her “go with yourself” mix. 

Gripped in robust basslines, texture-rich productions, and glutted with layers. Not an easy piece to paint - Simone tightly weaves together elements of each track, wildly different as they are, making an elegant and unified impression. Fusing together varied portions of the musical spectrum, creating a space to let your guard down, and keeping it concise, is a direct result of her honest DJing tenets to “let go of expectations and just play what feels good.”

If you’re around, catch Simone playing the back room at the illustrious Roller Disko, January 26th. B2B with none other than Ahold Of, and alongside other titans of the industry - T.Wan, DJ Bricks, and CCL. A unique experience not to be missed - bring your friends, or go with yourself.



Roller Disko