A genuine and tranquil mix this week, thanks entirely to Simic (aka Ben Block). Skilled DJ, talented producer, and a central member to Seattle’s ‘secondnature’ team, Block has prepared “a selection of calm, lyrical house and techno. Amongst the busyness of the world right now, I wanted to provide a subdued, relaxed area to spend an hour in.”

Simic’s 2017 release, ‘Discussion of Interests’ is a family favorite in this household, and another secondnature release on the docket this year has us champing at the bit. 2018 will also see a track of his on an upcoming Acid Camp compilation. Anyone fortunate enough to have seen a Simic set, most recently with Kassem Mouse at Kremwerk for Action Potential, knows they’re in for a sincere treat. Enjoy.




'Discussion of Interests' EP (secondnature)

'COROT-7b' EP (Acid Camp)