RX-0 Banshee

Jumpstarting the weekend with the young gun, RX-0 Banshee, we’ve got 50 minutes of high-energy, no-nonsense business. Starting off on the pious side, it quickly changes course to a more stern and secular state of mind, disregarding any traditional warm up. Tracks with a perspiring, humid quality in the front - taking you to the daytime rave, and then diving into the deep end with the 4AM crew.

At just 22 years old, Cameron Kelley has the ear and selections of a party-hardened connoisseur. With his associate and fellow DJ, Streets 1:10, he is quickly making a mark with his Apt E events, and their residency with Orphan. Radio - Renegade Airwaves. Their residency will be a monthly installment, soon to feature special guests.

Apt E has an upcoming joint, aptly called ‘Juic-E’ - featuring the likes Seattle’s rabble-rouser, Simone with support from the Apt E team. Ticket and location information can be found via their insta

Come for the techno, stay for the breaks - don’t settle for anything under 140. Hardcore will never die.



Apt E

Renegade Airwaves - Orphan Residency