Furnishing this weeks suspension from reality comes the whimsical sounds and selections of Ronan. A mix steadily bursting with gentle breaks and pearlescent melodies, the Bogota-based artist helps to soundtrack a vibrant lucid dream. Spatially aware, the set comprises a colossal set of lungs - feeling at times vast and unobstructed. As it breathes out, it quickly morphs the expanse into something enclosed and tightly-woven, bringing the dance floor closer together. Confronting a roster of emotions, Ronan has braided a spiritual cure-all.

Including upcoming medleys from the DJ’s own imprint, Eternal Ocean, Ronan is also soon to release on Seattle’s very own Budget Cuts label. Additional and essential mentions go to Dave Marroquin of Vanity Press Records, Caleb and Jared of Jungle Gym Records, the trackmaster Ali Berger, and last but not least, Rave Man Akanbi.

Thoroughly humbled by this one. Enjoy.



Eternal Ocean

‘Memories’ on Jungle Gym Records

Cover Animation by Simone Pierson