LCM060 Paul P.jpg

Paul P

Squaring a circle this week, with one hell of a mix from Of Paradise co-founder, Paul P. A Herculean sound, he has weaved together a commanding set brimming with powerful, cutthroat selections. Zero to sixty from the very get-go, it emulates the heart-pounding excursion folks are searching for in the club. Tracks ranging from Hermetics, Sepehr, Adam Pits, Posthuman, Carlton Doom, Yan Cook, Johnny Island, Gary Beck, Cleric, Solid Blake and The Maghreban - Paul P is a veteran of the craft and it shines quite clearly with this one. 

His aforementioned label, Of Paradise, co-run by show alum, Fade, has plans in motion for a release in early 2019 with a gang of EPs and a new V.A. to follow. Additionally, their biggest party to date is set for March in London, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Cover designed by Nicola Scutt, incorporating the works of Jean Arp, Jo Hanson, and Stella Snead.

A tremendous note to end on in 2018. See you soon.