Paris Siris

This week in the series comes the highly anticipated entry of a Seattle wunderkind - Paris Siris. Packed with breaky oddities and sanguine chorus’ - the aptness for technicalities flares through. Delving and evolving deeper into an enigmatic peak-sound, the transitions and track selections shine - illustrating an individual well-versed behind the decks, and someone who has had their fair share of a rave.

Supporting, and feeling supported by the scene here in Seattle, Paris has a few projects in the works. Their production duo, JamRat, has plans for a vinyl release sometime this year, while their brainchild ‘Jetpack’ plans on throwing together something rather exciting after putting on a renegade shindig last year.

Having recently begun offering a “pay-what-you-can” coaching service for beatmatching, vinyl handling, and cdj skill sets, their contributions to the Seattle scene are without number and the community is tremendously fortunate to have them.

Go nuts, and a have a lovely week.