Honored to welcome a dub-techno powerhouse into the fold for this weeks entry into the series. Ohrwert, the acclaimed Netherlands-based producer, has put together over an hours-worth of original material.

A constant thumping, Ohrwert’s mix summons a thick, nebulous fog - the snares and high-hats serving as brief glimmers of lucidness. It’s an hour of deep rumination, with a consistent theme and ambience making time hurtle by. A set to help you mull something over.

Ohrwert’s latest vinyl release comes as the split ep with David Hausdorf, ‘Persecution’ out now on the impressive Grounded in Humanity imprint. Additionally, you can find the two closing tracks of the mix on his latest digital release, ‘Intrim’ over on his Bandcamp page. Ohrwert has been DJing and producing since the late 90’s, and his ability to channel emotions and thoughts shines through effortlessly on this.

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend.