LCM051 Max Wyatt.png

Max Wyatt

Keeping right along, we’re thrilled to present the stunning mix from Dansu Discs label head, Max Wyatt. A spatial and emotive mix, Max focuses on building vibrant soundscapes with pleasing amounts of valleys, plains, and peaks. Enjoying a lot of breakbeat, and euphoric downtempo over the past few months, his interests shine through on this one. An approach and sound that allows multiple return trips, giving back something new with each listen. 

With a few releases slated for this year, expect to see a track of Wyatt’s on an upcoming 00:AM v/a - a label that’s done nothing but top-tier work. Additionally, Dansu Discs just finalized their next 12”, so expect to see some previews for that pop up very soon. 

As a tip for the Soundcloud diggers, Max wanted to strongly advise folks to check out a local legend of ours, Flora FM, stating his “…production is some of the best out there in my opinion and certainly should have more recognition than it does.” Game recognize game. 

Stream LCM051 and keep a close eye on Max Wyatt. 




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