Marco Wachs

Sprinting out the gate this week with an unrelenting set from Munich-based artist, Marco Wachs. Techno selections firing on all cylinders, surging tempestuously for an hour straight like a bullet train of sound. Juxtaposed readily with an intermittent soft-touch - a break from the wild, allowing a bit of breathing room and a chance to soak it all in and compose yourself, before diving back in. 

What seems turbulent and unruly is governed lickety-split. What seems muted and subdued is competently utilized and molded into springboards - displaying an intimate familiarity with each cog that makes up this vinyl-only mix.

Marco Wachs plays a role in RFR Records, currently with a track on one of their ‘Bavarian Stallion Series’ VA’s - with more set in line to release. 

Additionally, he is a part of IWW Music - a Munich-based label that just released the ‘One Million’ EP by AI.



Bavarian Stallion Series - RFR004’ on RFR Records

One Million EP’ on IWW Music