We are beyond delighted to present to you a mix that has long been anticipated. Seattle-vanguard, livwutang, delivers a mix that has shaped up to be a true show-stopper. 

It’s a ‘feel good’ mix, but not the kind of ‘feel good’ you get through a warm embrace or a picturesque meal shared with friends and family. This feels more like something cool; something cool as hell that makes you smirk. Imagine your friend is a card shark and you get to witness them wipe the floor with the shmucks they’re playing against. It never gets old. Liv is a force to be reckoned with - the selections are timeless, cutting edge, and visceral. The pacing is masterful. There’s a palpable connective tissue weaved within this mix. As time elapses, the thick strands evolve into durable fibers, morphing further still into unbreakable cables. 

The progression and growth of the set feels all too familiar to a ‘Runner’s High’. The feeling where you can painlessly keep going well beyond your bodies physical limitations after the second or third mile. Except Liv starts you on that high, and you continue running faster. Starting at a sprint and reaching a point where your feet aren’t even touching the ground anymore, you’re flying. And you’re smiling. 

livwutang is an integral and vital member of Seattle’s underground community, and we’re looking forward to what the future has in store for her. Enjoy.