Kevin Arnemann

The latest mix comes from the esteemed Dutchman, Kevin Arnemann. Founder of Taped Artifact, an imprint focused on the “artification of deep, atmospheric music and various visual art forms,” he nurtures this sonic concept with LCM036. Keeping the tone spatial and ethereal lends itself beautifully to the weighty dub that persists throughout. Arnemann carries and injects an energy and acuity into his set that never ceases to tire. 

The near future will see a few releases from Kevin. His ‘Heading North EP’ on Outlaw, lead by Matthew Oh, is expected early April. He also has an upcoming release on GlassTalk that’s been making the rounds on Peach’s NTS show as well as SCB radio. Taped Artifact just recently put out the ‘Blueprint EP’ from Merv - three tracks that uphold the label’s mission statement rather well. 

A talented individual, we look forward to what else Arnemann has in store for 2018. Get comfy and enjoy. 


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Heading North EP (Outlaw Recordings)

'Blueprint EP' by Merv