Idit Frenkel

Recorded on a cloudy day in Tel Aviv, comes Idit Frenkel’s ‘Ode to Winter’ - a rich and viscid mix of the dubby and deep. An all-vinyl set - it engulfs you in a warm, loose embrace like an oversized down jacket. Opulent tones roll in and out like an evening sun peaking from behind the clouds, later transitioning into a tonality more inky and brooding. 

Living in Tel Aviv most her life, Idit Frenkel has been collecting records for a long time, however, only started DJing near her late twenties after she felt as though she had something to convey to the world as a DJ. Running bookings for a handful of clubs, managing an electronic music blog, hosting a local radio station, and having run a monthly night with her close friends called ‘Later’ - her commitment to the scene is exemplary. How she manages all this while working IT full-time is beyond us. 

Having played at reputable outlets like Tresor and About:Blank previously, Idit will be making her Berghain debut this March at Panorama Bar for a Smallville Records album release show. Additionally, she will be making her first appearance in Paris come April. Lots in store from this tremendously talented individual. Listen, and enjoy. 

Cover Animation by Simone Pierson