I am just a Pupil

Our next installment in the series is a calm detour from the dance floor. Friend of the show, ‘I am just a Pupil’ has sculpted an ambient realm of sounds and textures to help soothe the mind. 

Influenced by new age music and philosophy, ‘I am just a Pupil’ strings together unlabeled/unidentifiable found material and cassettes from thrift stores as well as his own unidentified/unlabeled recordings from the past (“sometimes with a little ‘Text to Speech’ or youtube spiced in”), to form audible collages. Each segment sounding like a delicate ecosystem, the concepts behind them feel fleshed out and genuine. While the creative process is an elaborate one, the outcome is altogether tranquil and natural. 

We first came across the Ohio-based artist through his release on 1080p - '12 Hours FULL RELAXATION', a beautiful composition of meditative soundscapes. His most recent release, 'The White Album', is still available via his Facebook page, so we recommend you head over there.  He will be playing at Voice of the Valley festival on August 9th, with new releases expected later this year and early 2019. 

Take it easy. 




The White Album