As the weather cools off, and the days get shorter here in Seattle, we’re delighted to present the next mix in the series by a local darling, Ferg. Comprised wholly of vinyl, the selections are compiled of records they’ve thrifted across the Pacific Northwest - a process they describe as part magic, part work. “Sometimes portals open up through which the alchemical objects flow. I try to listen to their story and use my process to be in dialogue with the creators and past stewards of the music.”

Their incorporeal approach to understanding the selections has given rise to what feels like an exact snapshot of the fading season; a piecing together of the emotions and events many of us have experienced - individually and communally. Memories of patios, loud conversations, day trips to the beach, sunrises and sunsets with pals, cloudy mornings, and hot concrete. - it feels distinctly tactile with what Ferg has put together. They are an incredible story teller.