This week in the series, we are treated to a very special ambient set from a principal figure amongst the Seattle landscape. A celebrated collector and devotee to vinyl, Explorateur has assembled and molded an hour of atmospheric emotions to help guide and soothe you.

Making use of three turntables for the first time, the set feels like a large quilt - built with sturdy, warm chords and tastefully adorned with light touches and ornate sounds. Unsure where one record ends, and other begins - it’s all too easy to get wrapped up and lost in an ethereal embrace. Inspiration for the mix comes from a somewhat recent set Explorateur played in an “ambient treehouse” for a ‘Believe You Me’ event. Based in the outdoors, and intended for an audience of thirty - the intimacy and close camaraderie are palpable and inspiring.

Explorateur has turned heads with her local ambient night - Rare Air. Occupying club and dance-focused spaces, and repurposing them for intimate-listening experiences paired with breathtaking visuals. This set is illustrative of what you might hear at these nights. You can read more about that with the link below. Take a breather, and enjoy your week.


Rare Air
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