DJ Bricks

Setting the bar for 2018, we begin this year with a set from DJ Bricks. Louise Croff Blake, the architect behind the nom de guerre, has created a musical journey alive with human sentiments, likening the mix to autobiographical storytelling. “There are moments that are sexy, that are ecstatic, and that are introspective, and the spectrums between these feelings come together very naturally.” 

Unrestrained and raw, nevertheless fully conceptualized. “Moving the listener between fun, bouncing patterns and deeper, more mesmerizing phases…it nicely mirrors the progression of a psychedelic experience.” 

Their visual and physical artwork is also available via their website, and not to be slept on. If an hour and twenty minutes doesn’t do the whole trick, you can find DJ Bricks’ very recent, and exceptional contribution to KEXP’s ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’ series via their Mixcloud

Here's to starting on the good foot. 


Louise Croff Blake


KEXP - Midnight In A Perfect World