For the fortieth mix we’ve reached out to a longtime friend, and returning contributor to the series - Bristol’s very own, Borai. It’s a solid hour of high-energy, potent selections with no shortage of dub, jungle, and the breaks. Consider yourself warned. 

We came across Borai in 2013 with his house-oriented releases for Tasteful Nudes, originally. It’s been a ride to see his appreciation and history with Jungle, DnB, and Breakbeat shine through on more current releases - ‘Anybody From London’ on Hotline Recordings, and most recently his collaboration with Denham Audio for Club Glow

He’s got an EP slated for release in the coming weeks on the venerable THEM Records, as well as a gig planned for May 17th - details below. As if he weren’t busy enough, he’ll be starting a new label,  Higher Level Records, alongside Henry Bainbridge of the Dubstudio.

A versatile DJ and Producer, we’re looking forward to what he has in store for 2018. 


Soundcloud  /  Facebook

Higher Level Records

EP for THEM Records (more info soon)

Second Nature Presents: Borai

Club Glow Vol. 1