Baby Sam

Baby Sam is responsible for this weeks nourishing mix, their selections brushing on a specific segment of the emotional spectrum. Pulled from the edges of electronic dance music, they explore the melancholy feeling of getting exactly what you want. 

The artist posits that “club music is a spectator sport” and in turn seeks to question that with their Party Planning Mixtape. A mix intended to aid the organizers, schemers, and programmers making their city tick. They have included a list of things to include in your party action plan:

* a safer space policy (and a plan to follow through on that)
* free water
* friendly faces at the door
* everything people could otherwise need to be their truest, freakiest selves

Baby Sam has recently set up an enchanting YouTube channel worthy of your eyes and ears - so, politely, go smash those like and subscribe buttons and stay tuned. 

“Baby Sam’s sets exist in the space between what you want and what it is. This mix may be called “dreamy” only in the sense that dreams are goals that we hope to grip.” - Baby Sam

Have a great weekend, and best of luck with your planning.


Baby Sam's Soundcloud

Sam Wolk YouTube